Veterinary Drugs

Various specialities


Inhibits the growth of yeast, fungi , bacteria and halts their  spores forming. Inhibits fungal and bacterial toxins (clostridium Botulinium Staphylococcus aurous, candida , Aspergillus ) Inhibits salmonella and listeria  mono-cytogenes

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Stimulates the appetite to  prevent from respiratory problems especially related to post vaccination reactions in poultry , calves ,sheep and horses 

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BROMOXIVED used as an  expectorant and mucolytic it increases the secretion level of immune globulin when any  respiratory infection occurs,as the mucous secretion is exuberance  like infectius bronchitis in poultry. Also it is prescribed as a treatment of respiratory infections in horses, cattle and poultry , and it is given to newly calved cows when they sip the amnion solution

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It is formulated to stabilize vaccines and outperforms skimmed milk powder when used to clear excess chlorine from in-line medicators or drinking water tanks

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VITAGIN is used as antipyretic  and analgesic for animals small and large, in cases of  bacterial and viruses infections especially with gumboro in broilers and foot and mouth disease in sheep and cattle

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