Virkon S

Virkon S

Composition Each g/kg Contain
Pentapotassium bis(peroxomonosulphate)bis(sulphate) 497
Sodium hexametaphosphate 150 – 300
Organic surfactant 100 – 200
Organic acid 50 – 100
Inorganic acid 50 – 100
Salt 10 - 100


VirkonTM S powerful broad spectrum activity, operator safety profile and versatility make it the disinfectant choice for livestock housing, surface, equipment, vehicle, footdip, water delivery system and aerial disinfection.
This pack contains an instruction leaflet that should be read before use.



  • Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use
  • Store in a cool, dry place with lid tightly closed
  • Always replace lid after use, if product is to be stored for a period of time
  • Rinse bucket out with water after use and dispose of appropriately (dispose of any powder residue & inner polybag as special waste)
  • Do not allow concentrate or dilutions to directly enter watercourses
  • Do not mix with other chemcials except those recommended by the manufacturer
  • When prolonged contact with metal surfaces is expected, rinse with clean water
  • Rinse out application equipment after use
  • Unprotected persons must not enter areas being treated until spray mists have dispersed