Veterinary Drugs



Disinfectio and sterilization of storage places in cattle and poultry farms transport vehicles animal and vegetarian products storage places and hatcheries

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Glutalin 25% which consists of  Glutaraldehyde and Ammonium allows  to have a considerable and significant sterilizing  efficiency against bacteria and  viruses . It can be used in the applied circumstances  for various field purposes compared with other sterilization mixtures this formula is considered the best

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Multi-usage sterilizing solution , used againts most of the major diseases that affect cattle , specially foot and tuberculosis It is also recommended for the regular disinfection of houses and all its relevant tools It can also be used for disinfecting  vehicle wheels and as foot-dips

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Virkon S

VirkonTM S powerful broad spectrum activity, operator safety profile and versatility make it the disinfectant choice for livestock housing, surface, equipment, vehicle, footdip, water delivery system and aerial disinfection.
This pack contains an instruction leaflet that should be read before use.


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