Sano Premixes for feed provides high-quality and effective products with a focus on healthy animal nutrition.

Offers solutions for modern premixes that ensure good nutrition and healthy growth, as well as profitable production.

The benefits of the premixes for broilers and layers.

  • High daily weight gain
  • Good feed conversion
  • Low mortality
  • Healthy livestock
  • Increase in the weight of eggs
  • Increased earnings

Product Features

  • Minerals (Ca, P, Na) in optimal proportions.
  • Methionine and lysine increase the quality of protein in foods and stimulate growth.
  • A special combination of vitamins and trace elements for healthy resistant broilers.
  • Vitamins C, B complex and E, and selenium strengthen the immune system and stimulate muscle growth.
  • Biotin promotes healthy skin and beautiful feathers.
  • Vitamin D and the optimal combination of calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones that ensure stable and good growth.
  • Phytase for better utilization of phosphorus.