Heaters system from Technoclima Italy

Serie Agri C
Warm air heaters either for direct or tubing air distribution, working with light oil or gas burner stainless steel combustion chamber and heat exchanger completely in stainless steel AISI 430, either with high performance axial or centrifugal fans, electronic control and safety system. Cabinet heater robustly constructed with galvanized pre-coated steel panels fitted with radiant sheet insulation.
Tecnoclima’s 5 models have been designed for greenhouses heating: agrarian structure or garden, greenhouses but also zoo technical breeding. A huge range of accessories is available for Tecnoclima AGRI SERIES.

Available in both gas and oil burner version.

The special stainless steel exchanger: heart of the machine.

Patented highest efficiency heat exchanger, with air flow completely in counter current to the exhaust flow, made exclusively in 18% chromium stainless steel, which guarantees total protection against corrosion both from humidity and combustion by-products.

The heat exchanger is made up of:

  • Combustion chamber, cylindrical flame inversion model, perfectly cooled at every point, with outlet to oil-fired burner and visual control of flame
  • Exchange elements, inclined upwards, with flat tubular section exhaust flues and with swirl impressions for maximum thermal efficiency.
  • Exhaust manifold with wide inspection door for easy cleaning of the exchanger and chimney inlet.